FEB urges foreign-returnees to cooperate by staying in quarantine

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Kathmandu - The Foreign Employment Board (FEB) has urged the youths recently returned from foreign employment to stay in quarantine for the stipulated period as a precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board has requested the youths, who have recently returned home from abroad employment destination countries, to cooperate by staying in quarantine for 14 days, in the context of coronavirus infection so far found among only foreign returnees in Nepal.

It has also appealed to the foreign-returnees to meet with their families, friends and relatives only after the quarantine period was over, and to immediately go to the health institution and have their health examined if they have sudden high fever, difficulty in breathing or continuous cough. Likewise, the Board has urged the foreign-returnee youths wherever they are to be disciplined and follow the directive of the government in the present situation when the global community itself is under the risk of coronavirus.


National News Agency, Nepal


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