Six local levels of Siraha fail to bring budget

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Kathmandu - Uncertainty is increasing with six local levels in Siraha district failing to bring the budget for the fiscal year 2020/21. These local levels should have brought their annual estimates of income and expenditure within June 24 but have not been able to due to internal conflict and disagreement between the people's representatives.

Although the Federal Government sent circulars to every local level in the district to present their annual budget within June 24, six out of the 17 local levels in the district have not yet held their municipal assembly due to internal rift. Eleven local levels held their municipal assembly and presented the budget only after the Ministry of Finance sent letter to all the local levels warning that the funds that are transferred from the federal government to the local levels would be withheld if they failed to bring budget within the stipulated date of June 24.

There are eight municipalities and nine rural municipalities in Siraha district. Among the six local levels still not getting their annual budget endorsed from their municipal assembly are five rural municipalities and one municipality.


National News Agency, Nepal


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