Historic Panchadhara in dire need of conservation

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Kathmandu - The historic site at Pandavkhani village of Galkot Municipality-10, Baglung district, is in need of conservation. The ancient site has Panchadhara and a temple which are historically and archaeologically important. Panchadhara, the five ancient water spouts are related to the Hindu epic of Mahabharata, the story about the war between the Kauravas and Pandavas.

It is said that the five Pandava brothers and their mother Kunti had stayed in this area when they had to spend 12 years in exile after losing in the game of dice with the Kauravas. Pandavkhani village bears its name from the Pandava brother. Legend has it that the Pandavas also extracted copper mine at this place and they constructed the Panchadhara, the five water spouts, at a place called Gyathar of Pandavkhani. There is also temple dedicated to Kunti at this place.

Another temple, the Regishwoare temple, is also situated at the same place. Both these temples and the Panchadhara are in dilapidated condition and are in need of urgent attention. These heritages have been covered with weed at present and the way leading to these ancient monuments is also in poor shape.

The Panchadhara is a single stone slab out of which five water spouts have been sculpted. Water no longer flows through these spouts as they have been covered by moss and lichen. A local, Punaram, said that the Panchadhara was reconstructed 29 years back after it was damaged by floods in the Mangkhola river. Panchadhara and the temples are close to the bank of Mangkhola river.


National News Agency, Nepal


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