High alert can reduce lightning risks, experts say

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Chitwan–Experts have stressed the need to keep high alerts during the time of lightning to prevent loss of lives and properties.

Generally lightning brings higher risks in Nepal during the period from April to June. Dr Sriram Sharma, who did his Ph.D. on lightning, said the study carried out from 2011 to 2018 revealed that annually 110 people have lost their lives to lightning in Nepal.

Many people have lost their lives untimely due to lack of cautionary measures, he added. The risks can be reduced with the setup of safety nets including installation of lightning rod at the home or building.

Though safety measures are put on the electric equipments placed at homes of late, the ways of protecting house from lightning electricity are yet to be done in an effective manner. He suggested set up of anti-lightning device at homes to prevent the possible risks of lightning.

Likewise, Dr Pitribhakta Adhikari, who also did his Ph.D. on fine signature of lightning, also suggested keeping high alerts during the lightning time. ---


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